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Yarns Microsub Server or Yarns for short, is a Microsub Server plugin for WordPress. It can be used to follow feeds formatted using microformats, RSS, or JSON_Feed. It can be used with Microsub clients such as Indigenous, Monocle, and Together

Yarns is built by Jack Jamieson.

The WordPress plugin is not yet available in the main repository (yet), but can be downloaded from Github. Issues can be filed here as well.


Instructions for installing and using Yarns are posted on Jack Jamieson's website.


Yarns relies on the Parse This library created by David Shanske.


Yarns Microsub Server was forked from an earlier reader project, Yarns_Indie_Reader, which was based in part on Ashton McAllan's WhisperFollow with inspiration by Woodwind.

Yarns Indie Reader is still available on GitHub, though no further development is planned. Instructions for installing the old version of Yarns can currently be found here: http://jackjamieson.net/yarns-indie-reader/

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