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JSON Feed is a feed file in JSON format.

IndieWeb Examples

IndieWeb Extension

Known adds a _indieweb extension to the items in the JSON feed. This includes keys like:

Koype uses the same _indieweb extension to expose the following on each post:

And under _koype extension on the main feed:

  • version: The version of Koype used to serve this feed.
  • about: A link to Koype's main homepage (not the site's homepage).

Software Support

Software that supports consuming JSON Feed:


Sponsorship of the spec by IndieWeb Community

It has been proposed in late July 2020 by several people that the IndieWeb adopt/sponsor the JSON Feed spec as a community project for ongoing support/maintenance/guidance.

Conversation and debate on the issue can and should continue in the #meta channel in the IndieWeb chat. Prior chat conversation can be found at:


Please indicate your name below along with one of the following options: (1) your support for sponsorship by IndieWeb with a +1; (2) your abstention with a 0 or; (3) your disapproval for sponsorship with a -1 (along with any reasons you feel the community shouldn't support it).

  • +1 Chris Aldrich
  • +1 Manton Reece
  • +1 David Shanske
  • +1 Tantek ร‡elik โ€” while JSON Feed was not developed "in" the IndieWeb community per se, it was definitely developed adjacent to and overlapping with (many IndieWeb community folks participated). In addition I think such adoption/sponsoring would help bring these communities together on common efforts, and encourage greater harmonization and convergence across our existing various JSON format based efforts such as mf2json, jf2 (in various flavors/uses), and JSON Feed.
  • Angelo Gladding โ€” -1 if the goal is to bring a wider audience to version 1, perpetuating the property name discrepancies and potentially leading to two different IndieWeb-recommended JSON-based feed schemas; +1 if the goal is to coalesce with mf2 properties in a timely version 2 (a la jf2)
  • ...

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