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Colin Devroe

Colin Devroe is Senior Vice President at Condron Media. Previous projects include Plain, Barley, Unmark, Coalwork, Viddler, 9rules and ChanceCube.

My indie web

I'm just getting set up. My personal site is marked up with h-feed and h-entry so far. But I plan on doing everything on the itches list soon enough.

Itches I'm planning to scratch

These are some of the things I'm working on with regards to my indieweb setup.

  1. Adding Indie Web building blocks to my site
    1. Posts (notes, articles)
      1. Hashtags
    2. Web Mentions

My "skills"

Consider this term loosely used. Though I'm stubborn enough to keep at something until I figure it out.

  • Programming (PHP, JavaScript, a few other languages)
  • Front-end coding (HTML, JavaScript)
  • I'm a sucker for nomenclature, taxonomy, folksonomy
  • Do not ask me CSS questions.