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Daniel Goldsmith is an Indiewebber, living in Cork, Ireland.

Nickname on irc/slack: dgold

My Indieweb Setup

  • Main Site using hugo -
    • Fully marked up h-card and h-entry
    • Hugo Theme available on GitHub (Note: Heavily customised)
    • Using as webmention endpoint
    • Using Morris to store webmentions locally
    • Backfeed with
    • Media Endpoint up and running!
  • Micropub Client - hylozoist
    • Patched version of Quill
    • Allows me to post book reviews to my site.
    • Doesn't actually write the reviews, unfortunately.
  • Git Server - ringdown
    • Using Gitea and putting all personal github repos on it.
    • Using indieauth as OpenID server to login.
  • Matrix Server - heavymessing
    • My personal homeserver for the Matrix chat protocol
    • Not really "indie" as such, but certainly an interesting exercise in federation.


Micropub endpoint for static site generators, written in PHP.

  • Currently handles the following indieweb post-types:
    • Notes
    • Like-of
    • Reply-to
    • Articles
    • Replies
    • Bookmarks
    • Check-Ins
  • Supports header and form parameter methods of authentication
  • Supports creating posts using `x-www-form-urlencoded` syntax
  • Supports updating and deleting posts
  • Supports JSON syntax and source content query
  • Supports replacement and deletion of properties
  • As it uses a separate Media Endpoint it provides configuration query

More details on the nanopub page

All code is on GitHub


  • Would like to automatically send webmentions on posting new content


  • I tend to name my sites after ship names in the Iain M. Banks Culture Series.
  • The exception is Ringdown; that is a partial name of a Morthanveld ship in The Hydrogen Sonata, but it refers specifically to the final stage of the merger of two black holes - Inspiral, Coalescence, Ringdown. It seemed a suitable choice for a git repository collector.

-- Daniel Goldsmith 09:00, 26 January 2017 (PST)