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Gitea is a site, service, and open source project for code repositories (using git) and issue tracking.

Open source:

IndieWeb Building Blocks


Unknown status.

Would be immediately useful (each of these needs an issue permalink (on GitHub (or at least POSSEd to) until the project moves) to describe and track support progress)


  • git repos
  • issues on repos
  • comments on issues
  • login
    • As of version 1.2.0 it supports OpenID (2.0) based login: [1]
  • profiles
    • profile URLs are at / username
    • Profiles support adding a website and include rel=me


Goal: host Gitea the open source project on a Gitea instance.

Currently Gitea the open source project is on GitHub (instead of using Gitea itself for source control).

There is active work on fixing this however, so that Gitea the project dogfoods itself by being developed on a site running Gitea!

There is a mirror at:


  • Gitea is a community fork of Gogs, which forked late 2016/early 2017 due to perceived inactivity of the main projects maintainer: [2].

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