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issue is a special kind of article post that is a reply to typically some source code, though potentially anything at a source control repository.


You should post issues on your own site first because GitHub goes down sometimes for various reasons. And then POSSE to GitHub.


This section needs expansion! As you implement, try to add tips here for what worked for you!

In general: analyze the IndieWeb Examples below and document some brainstorming!

How to post


Post an issue mostly like an article, with an in-reply-to to the Issues page of the repo you are posting an issue to. See below examples for details

How to with WordPress


IndieWeb Examples

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki occasionally posts issues on syndicated to

Chris Aldrich


Tantek Çelik has started posting issues to his own site since 2018-02-21

Silo Examples


GitHub allows posting of issues as part of their issue tracker feature for each repo.


Complete POSSE backfeed solution

Currently there are no detailed instructions for how to build (or even examples of AFAIK) a complete POSSE + backfeed solution for issue posts, and responses thereto.

Complete issue solution

It should be possible and fairly straightforward because an "issue" is very similar to an article, it’s just that no one has clearly demonstrated it yet with

  • post an issue
  • receive and display comments
  • receive and display reacji
  • BONUS: receive and display Salmentions for reacji on comments on your issue!

Complete comment solution

Similarly, lots of indieweb folks post reply post and display subsequent comments (and sometimes reacji too).

For the purposes of an "issue", what is perhaps special is the added expectation that a comment on an issue typically makes very little (if any) sense without the full context of the original issue and any comments that were made before your comment. Thus it would be great to see an example of:

  • post a reply to an issue
  • display full reply-context of your reply, including any previous comments, and original issue at the top
  • receive and display subsequent comments
  • receive and display reacji on your reply
  • BONUS: receive and display Salmentions for reacji on
    • subsequent comments
    • prior comments
    • original issue

Complete Federated Webmention solution

This is just brainstorming for now - at a high level

  • own your own repos
  • allow federated issues on your repos (receive, display, update, delete etc.)
  • allow federated responses (comments, reacji) on those issues

Everything peer to peer, no need for any central location to POSSE to / backfeed from.

As far as we know, NO ONE (using any technology / standards) has this working, anywhere.

By exploring the space with POSSE + backfeed as described previously, it is likely we can figure out how to do all this via Webmention.

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