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Webmention is a web standard for mentions and conversations across the web, a powerful building block that is used for a growing federated network of comments, likes, reposts, and other rich interactions across the decentralized social web.

”… an @ mention that works across websites; so that you don't feel immovable from Twitter or Fb.” Rony Ngala

When you link to a website, you can send it a Webmention to notify it. If it supports Webmentions, then that website may display your post as a comment, like, or other response, and presto, you’re having a conversation from one site to another!

Want to implement Webmention or learn more about its technical details? See:

IndieWeb Examples

Indie Web sites that have implemented webmentions and display them nicely!

Aaron Parecki with p3k

  • Aaron Parecki using p3k on aaronparecki.com as of 2013-05-26. Details:
    • Posts have an input form for pasting in your comment URL to conveniently send a manual webmention (as of 2013-10-12)


Barnaby Walters with Taproot


Jeremy Keith with adactio.com


Barry Frost with barryfrost.com


Kartik Prabhu with kartikprabhu.com


Jeena with jeena.net


Chris Aldrich with boffosocko.com


Stuart Langridge with Pelican additions


Sebastiaan Andeweg on seblog.nl


Daniel Goldsmith with Hugo

Amit Gawande with amitgawande.com


fluffy with beesbuzz.biz

Jamie Tanna with Hugo on www.jvt.me

Alberto Mardegan with Bussator, Nikola and Isso on www.mardy.it

  • Template:Www.mardy.it has been receiving webmentions on mardy.it since October 2019
  • It's a static website generated by Nikola, running on a cheap shared hosting
  • Comments are handled by Isso
  • The receiver is a Bussator instance which transforms webmentions into comments, which are then forwarded into Isso

Publishing Software

Some open source publishing software with core support for webmentions and is ready for typical users:


  • Known personal publishing software sends webmentions and accepts webmention comments (including webmention updates) and likes


  • Perch began beta testing webmentions on 2017-07-16
  • Perch adds support for sorting webmentions on 2017-07-26. See facepile

Plugins exist for some open source publishing software and CMSs:




Nucleus CMS


Process Wire






  • Koype has support for updating, creating and deleting Webmentions as a receiver and sender.


Some other open source publishing software supports webmentions:

  • FrancisCMS personal publishing software similarly sends and receives
  • WWWTech personal publishing software similarly sends and receives
  • phorkie sends and accepts webmentions to notify remote instances about forks
  • gRSShopper added Webmention support on 2018-09-27

Some additional publishing software, portions of which are open source, supports webmentions:

  • p3k sends webmentions for all posts and accepts webmention comments on events, notes, replies, RSVPs
  • Taproot
  • Falcon sends webmentions for all links in posts (except maybe articles - untested)


Services that automatically send and/or receive webmentions for the content post there.


Lobsters (lobste.rs) sends webmentions for any links aggregated there.


  • Prismo began supporting Webmention in version 0.6.0rc4 [3]
  • Prismo currently only sends webmentions for posted links, not links within comments.

Publisher Services

Services for publishers to handle receiving & sending webmentions for their sites or using webmentions for additional services like POSSE. Alphabetical:


Main article: Bridgy

brid.gy is a service that sends webmentions for comments/replies, likes, and reposts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram posts. It uses original post discovery to find target links for the webmentions. GitHub repo here.

Bridgy Publish also supports webmention as a mechanism to trigger POSSEing to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

bridgy example screenshot.png


Bussator is a webmention receiver which publishes webmentions as comments. Its modular design supports publishing to multiple commenting systems, but currently only a plugin for Isso has been implemented. Bussator is a WSGI application, which can also be installed as a FastCGI service (that is, one doesn't need to have a webserver running all the time).


Jekmentions was a service that receives webmentions and stores them in a git repository.


Lazymention is an open source service you can run on a Node.js server to send Webmentions from static sites. Its general purpose is to add dynamic building-block features to otherwise static websites.


Main article: mention-tech

mention-tech is a service that can receive webmentions on behalf of anyone via both webmention directly, and a web form on its home page.


stapibas is a self-hosted service to send and receive webmentions for websites and blogs.

It can be used to send out webmentions and pingbacks for new posts on static sites.


Telegraph is an open source project and hosted service for sending webmentions and pingbacks. You can use it to send mentions to all links on a page, or send a webmention with specific source and target.


Main article: webmention.herokuapp.com

webmention.herokuapp.com is an open-source project and hosted service for receiving webmentions for registered sites and allowing those to be displayed through javascript.


Main article: webmention.io

webmention.io is an open-source project and hosted service for receiving webmentions and pingbacks on behalf of your indieweb site.


webmention.app is a platform agnostic service that will check a given URL or feed for any number of content entries, discover whether there are links that support webmentions, then send the webmention to the target. It is intended for an automated workflow and includes simple instructions on how to integrate into existing workflows (using tools like IFTTT or the command line or Netlify).


Pushl is an open-source tool for sending webmentions from pages discovered from arbitrary RSS/Atom feeds


Tools you can use or install to send webmentions

Firefox Addon

Manual Webmentions

Users without other simple means to send a Webmention from one site to another can use the following tool interfaces to "manually" send webmentions on their behalf:


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Webmention Development

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