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Hi, I'm fluffy!

I focus on building tools for more general-purpose content management that integrates with the IndieWeb, and release them under the auspices of the PlaidWeb organization.

Software of note:

  • Publ - a general-purpose website CMS which tries to take the best aspects of static and dynamic publishing. Major focus on flexibly supporting heterogenous content types; I use it to publish my website. It is designed with the UNIX philosophy in mind and is designed to keep sites portable and more or less stateless.
  • Pushl - a companion tool for sending push notifications (WebSub and WebMention) to consumer endpoints from CMSes that don't have built-in support for such things. Like Publ. It can also be used with arbitrary static site generators (Jekyll, Pelican, etc.).
  • Authl - a Python library that will hopefully wrap up federated identity into an easier-to-use API (see my explanation of why); the goal is to support any identification scheme that can be encapsulated in a profile URL

I also am one of the current maintainers of Feed on Feeds, a legacy PHP-based RSS/Atom reader.