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podcasts about the indieweb are podcasts that discuss indie web topics, check out https://martymcgui.re/tag/this-week-indieweb-podcast/ for starters!

For a reverse-chronological stream of all indieweb related podcasts, see:

Active Podcasts

Marty McGuire's This Week In IndieWeb Podcast

Aaron Parecki's Percolator

An IndieWeb Podcast

On 2018-03-18 David Shanske and Chris Aldrich started an IndieWeb related podcast with the tentative name "An IndieWeb Podcast" as a beta experiment. Episodes will hopefully run 30-45 minutes and cover a variety of IndieWeb topics in conversation. It can be found at https://david.shanske.com/series/indieweb-podcast/

Podcast Segments about Indieweb

This Week in Google

This is a weekly podcast on the TWiT Network that covers news topics relating to Google and the cloud as well as web philosophy, journalism, social media, and their societal impacts. Indieweb is frequently a topic on various episodes specifically including segments and episodes listed below:

Jeena's Excellent Encounters

Jeena Paradies recorded an episode about the Indieweb together with Martijn van der Ven: https://jeena.net/pods/17

Huffduffer Indieweb Feed

One can subscribe to the Indieweb tag on Huffduffer to receive a podcast feed of all audio compiled by the service for more indieweb related audio.


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