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Martijn van der Ven is a long-time web tinkerer living in the Netherlands.

I am Martijn. Once upon a time I followed an online lesson in HTML on my grandfather’s computer. Then I built websites on MSN Groups (R.I.P.) and GeoCities (R.I.P.). As of March 2016, I am working professionally with PHP at LSP Solutions. Besides that I work mostly with front-end technologies in my spare time.

Very interested in tools for a multilingual web. I speak Dutch (nl-NL), English(en-GB), and Swedish (sv-SE) fluently. I have a good understanding of German (de-DE) as well.

You can link to this page using {{martijnvdven}}.

My personal website.

It is

  • All lowercase. This is important because directory names are case-sensitive on the server.
  • With a trailing /. Less important, but canonical. It is a directory.
  • Serving HTTP. Plans to move to HTTPS are being discussed.
    • The domain will not be moves to HTTPS until it is moved to a new hosting company or Binero offers free certificates.


The domain name was first registered in 2006 to bring all of the family’s email under a single provider. Since 2008 information about me has been available on (Though I had a short-lived fling with as well.)

The website and email were hosted by Cliche (DK) from 2006 until it was moved to Binero (SE) somewhere during 2013.

The content of has not changed since early 2014, only the presentation has.

My activity feed.

Will be published on


The domain name was first registered in 2012 to become a personal domain (minus the use to represent myself).

  • The first post using tags went live on 2016-11-25.
  • Posts were given permalinks on 2016-11-23. Most readers will now be compatible with the h-feed.
  • The first post happened on 2016-09-25 after going live with my own storage system.
  • As of 2015-07-29 it accepts webmentions through
    • This is gone since 2016-09-24 when it moved to a new hosting instance and the subdomain was dropped.
  • As of 2015-06-01 is it hosted by and development has restarted to join the IndieWeb movement.


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