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Notes from Virtual Homebrew Website Club, June 13, 2018 written collaboratively on Etherpad. People who have collaborated on the notes have a ✏️ marking them in the attendance list.

Attendance: J. Gregory McVerry βœοΈ, Jack Jamieson βœοΈ, Jeremy Cherfas, Mark Dain, Martijn van der Ven βœοΈ, Marty McGuire βœοΈ, Scott Merrill, sketchness, Sven Knebel βœοΈ.

(Note: Grant Richmond is shown by Etherpad as having fixed some notes, but wasn’t on my list of people in Mumble. Woops!)

  • identities.
    • Keeping the same handle on different silos.
    • Specifically keeping different handles on different platforms for privacy.
      • Martijn van der Ven knows several people – mostly from LGBT communities – that do this.
  • Different between posts (articles?) and notes.
    • jackjamieson had to distinguish by checking whether titles and contents were the same.
    • J. Gregory McVerry notes how WordPress really wants you to add a title to everything you write.
      • This is especially important with syndication, because plugins & themes are very dependent on it.
  • microformats in WordPress
    • Converting themes to mf2.
    • Yearly releases: GWG tries to add the mf2 (?). Most old mf1 has been stripped so parsers should no longer be confused (?).
  • Meta Mumble discussion: registration, and adding comments to users.
  • Had a discussion about handles and when we have different handles, why people have differnet handles, risk of handles getting stuck
  • We then discussed how different themes handle microformats and what you can do to.
  • I gave up on doing noterlive. I would have to have people set up and know voices better. β€”J. Gregory McVerry
    • It's difficult to live-note a vHWC due to the open back-and-forth nature of the discussion. β€” Marty McGuire
    • Especially as I have lost a bit of typing speed. β€”J. Gregory McVerry
  • Then we discussed who will be going to IWS
    • International travel. Payment systems.
  • Changes needed to Mumble tutorial
    • add the audio testing. Need to delete files first
    • Add the changing second button and push to talk button
    • add the voice to chat turning off
  • Book read posting
    • gRegor Morrill released
    • ISBN linking (amazon, worldcat, ... author- or publisher webpage would be nice, but hard to do, since there's no good registry as far as we know)
    • Martijn made his first post to
  • We then talk to a bookmark discussion
    • Jeremy asks is it just a boomark a like, etc
    • Ancarda discusses how it is an archive for him. It was interesting
  • Micropub discussion
  • Glitch as a platform for quickly writing and publishing HTML. With integration to GitHub.
  • Getting citation data from Google scholar (to convert to h-cite). Google Scholar does okay for journal articles but book chapters etc. tend to be pulled from author websites and the formatting is inconsistent. So Google's results are inconsistent too.
    • Bibtex - parsing authors is difficult because the spec says authors should be separated by &, but in practice they are often separated by commas