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sknebel since 2016-04-12 runs a still nameless custom python/flask app, reading HTML-formatted posts with YAML-headers from flat files.

Working as of 2017-05-20

  • posts with HTML content and associated static files (primarily images)
  • posts are in categories
  • sending and receiving webmentions for posts and homepage
  • micropub for creating and editing posts
    • reply/bookmark/like relations created via micropub
  • other things (e.g. bridgy publish, rsvps) require me to manually put the necessary markup in the HTML content
    • I generally POSSE manually (and generally don't do it very often) and edit in the syndication links for backfeed

short-term itches

  • Write a posting interface or micropub client. Hoped to avoid this, but posting to my site right now just isn't working using the stuff I've tried
    • support editing
    • content on *all* post types, both HTML and not
  • non-HTML content format (plumbing exists, have to decide on a format and wire it in)
  • file-uploads
  • establish post types (bookmarks, quotes, ...)
  • working on own IndieAuth endpoint
  • better design for text-heavy posts -> right now to squished
  • RSS/Atom feed
  • implement EFF DNT recommendations and document me doing so
    • (test linked sites for basic adherence and display that?)

mid-term itches

  • improved webmention handling (display comments, properly handle edits, better verification code)
  • plumbing: caching, better background processing
  • photo metadata markup/handling
  • private webmention alternatives, non-interactive IndieAuth, easier login using IndieActions or similar
  • workflow to add syndication links
  • work on Kaja
  • POSSE to Wiki for events

long-term Itches/random ideas

  • investigate autocomplete, custom fields, ... for micropub
  • CSS posts that show up as styling options
  • I would like for a Client-side JS static site generator to exist, to get around the "have to install strange stuff" problem for non-programmers. Not sure if I personally would use it though...
  • a very basic little password/TOTP auth endpoint as a single php file or so might be a neat thing to build I haven't contributed yet, but selfauth is a thing now
  • round-trip testing tool for Webmentions&display, maybe also MP?
    • send WM from randomly created post to dedicated test-post, parse comment display (or other channel for people without display) for content.
    • have external verifyability somehow
    • update only? or test creating of new ones?
    • re-run (or equivalent) tests somehow
  • tool to find blogs of people I follow on twitter (e.g. generating a OPML file I can subscribe to in a reader)
    • observation: quite a few have patreon links there instead of their blogs (since only one is possible)

general inbox


See Also

  • TODO for self: compare X-Ray's feed handling with documented algorithms/patterns, document differences if they exist