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Grant Richmond


Grant Richmond is a freelance web developer working on WordPress and node.js projects

Grant is a freelance web developer who has been roaming around the world since 2016. He can also occasionally be found under the username terminalpixel

Personal Site has been running since IndieWebCampUK 2014 it was originally built with but has now moved to a fully custom built node.js solution.

It supports quite a few interesting features:

  • Location Tracking - I use Owntracks to automatically track my location and save the locations to my site. You can see everywhere I've been at
  • Journaling - I create private posts as a journal. They are just micropub posts with certain categories. There is then a hidden ui to view them when logged in. I have a daily notification on my phone to write a quick journal (almost) every day
  • Timeline - An infinite timeline of all my public activity
  • CLI Interface - There is a CLI interface for managing certain parts of the backend such as authenticating with silos and basic management of posts.


Micropub Helper

A simple JavaScript library (frontend and backend) to help with creating micropub clients.

Supports indieauth login, creating, deleting, undeleting, updating and querying micropub endpoints.


A chatbot to post to micropub endpoints. Currently available on Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack and the web interface.

Built using Microsoft Bot Framework and my own micropub helper library


A micropub client used to create photo albums.