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Hi, my name is Mark. I'm a web developer in the United Kingdom.

As of the time of writing (2017-11-16), my website ( is still under construction and should be live very soon.

I only speak English (en-US) but in a former life, I spoke a decent amount of Lojban (jbo). It's all faded now except for very basic Lojban.

I frequent IRC as ancarda and will respond to DMs. Unless there's a meetup on the weekends, you won't be able to meet me in person as right now my situation has me commuting 5 hours a day, so time is very limited. I do attend the virtual meetups on Mumble though, but I'm muted as nobody wants to hear the noise of trains and buses.

Working On

  1. Blog software that will let me write entries with h-entry classes.
  2. Improving the blog software to support images and other rich content in it's WYSIWYG editor.
  3. WebMention support for the website.