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Homebrew Website Club is a bi-weekly meetup of people passionate about or interested in creating, improving, building, designing their own website, in the same structure as the classic Homebrew Computer Club meetings.


Are you building your own website? Indie reader? Personal publishing web app? Or some other digital magic-cloud proxy?

If so, you might like to come to a gathering of people with like-minded interests. Exchange information, swap ideas, talk shop, help work on a project, whatever...


Meetings take place every other Wednesday right after work, 18:30-19:30. If it collides with an official holiday in your country, simply skip that one and resume two weeks later as usual.

See events for specific dates/locations/URLs of upcoming meetings, or this handy summary of upcoming/past dates:

Homebrew Website Club
2018 12-2612-12&1111-28&2711-14&11-1310-3110-17&1610-10&0910-0309-19&1809-0508-2208-0808-0107-2507-1107-0406-2706-1305-30&2905-2305-16&1505-02&0104-1804-1104-1004-0403-2703-2103-1403-0702-21&2002-1402-07&0601-24&2301-11&10&09
2017 12-2712-14&13&1211-30&2911-2211-16&1511-0110-19&1810-05&0409-21&2009-1309-07&0608-2308-1508-09&0808-0207-26&2507-12&1106-2806-2006-1406-07&0605-3105-1705-1005-0304-2604-1904-1204-0503-2203-0803-02&0102-2202-1402-0801-2501-11
2016 12-2812-2112-1412-0711-3011-2311-1611-0911-0210-2610-1910-0509-2109-1409-0708-2408-1708-1007-2707-1307-0606-2906-1506-0806-0105-2505-1805-1105-0404-2704-2004-1204-0603-2303-0902-2402-10&0902-0201-2701-13
2015 12-3012-1612-0812-02&0111-2411-18&1711-1011-04&0310-21&2010-1310-07&0609-24&2309-1709-10&0909-0308-27&2608-2008-13&1207-2907-1507-0106-1706-0305-2005-0604-2204-0803-2503-1102-2502-1102-07-ko01-2801-14
2014 12-1712-0311-1911-0510-2210-0810-05-par09-2409-1008-2708-1307-3007-1607-0206-1806-0405-2105-0704-2304-0903-2603-1903-1202-2602-1201-2901-15
2013 12-1812-0411-20
  • Update next-hwc with a redirect to the next meeting!

Regular Meetings

Just show up. These Homebrew Website Club chapters are well established and meet regularly at least once a month (often fortnightly AKA bi-weekly). If it has been more than a month since a city has met, move them down to popups until a regular pattern is re-established.

Alphabetical by city, see each city for regularity.


  • Austin, TX - first Wednesday of the month
    • Organizers: Tom Brown, Manton Reece
    • First meeting: 2017-09-06
    • Venue: Mozart's Coffee


  • Baltimore, MD - monthly or sometimes biweekly!
  • Organizer(s): Marty McGuire, Jonathan Prozzi
  • First meeting 2016-09-21
  • We meet at least once per month. We aim to meet fortnightly to match the usual HWC schedule, but sometimes skip or move a week to avoid conflicts with our venue.
  • Venue is consistently: Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center, 1045 Light St. Baltimore, MD http://www.digitalharbor.org/



San Francisco

Virtual HWC European time


These cities have held popup Hombrew Website Club meet-ups at least a couple of times recently, and are working hard to get established!

After three consecutive months of successful regular meetings, popups get bumped to Regular meetings! Or if they do not happen for three months, bump them back down to Getting Started.


  • Brighton, ENGLAND - occasionally
  • Organizer(s): Jeremy Keith
  • First meeting 2015-08-12
  • Venue appears to consistently be: 68 Middle Street, Brighton
  • Most recently ... ?


Cities getting started

Speak up and help make another meetup happen in your city! These cities have organizers (can always use more), have started with at least one meeting, and would love to hear from you to help make more happen. If it's been more than six months since a meet-up or organizers have all moved to other cities, move a city to "Up-and-coming or needs restarting" in the next section.

Ordered alphabetically:


Mountain View


Virtual HWC North American Time

Norman, OK

Vancouver BC

Needs restarting

Step up and make a meetup happen. These cities have one or more organizers interested in helping making a meetup happen and are up for grabs. Step up, contact the folks below, and make a meetup happen!

At your first meet-up be sure to take and post photos, then link to them and bump up your city to





  • Edinburgh, UK weekly
  • Organizer(s): Harry Reeder
  • First meeting 2015-08-13 (Thursday)
  • Meets Tuesday nights. Met nearly every Tuesday night during 2015 from 2015-10 onward, and every Thursday night before that since 2015-08-13!


Fort Collins


  • Frederick, MD monthly
  • Organizer(s): Eddie Hinkle
  • First meeting on 2017-07-26, on a hiatus as of 2018-03-01.
  • Some lessons learned: having a co-organizer is helpful for days when there are low attendance.
  • Future plans: potential rebranding to IndieWeb Meetup vs. HWC to broaden external appeal, potentially find a co-organizer, etc. Considering restarting in the first quarter of 2019.


Los Angeles



The Netherlands

  • The Netherlands 🎪 Moving Circus
    • Schiphol Airport Plaza: HWC will happen there when international travellers show an interest.
    • Nijmegen and Utrecht are discussed as well.
    • If LA can have just the one HWC, so can the Netherlands. [3] [4]
  • Organizers: Sebastiaan Andeweg, Peter Molnar
  • First meeting 2016-11-30
  • Meets when 2+ people shows interest
  • Most recently ... ?

New York City

Washington DC

More cities with interest

Interested in helping start a Homebrew Website Club? Find or add your city and name below!

Sorted alphabetically by city.

  • Brisbane, Australia - Malcolm Blaney is interested, has an office walking distance from train.
  • Cincinnati, OH - Dave Menninger is interested in meeting up
  • Melbourne, Australia - vishae is interested in meeting up
  • Rochester, MN - David Williamson is interested in organizing a meetup.
  • Sarasota, FLTheDavidJohnson is interested in organizing a meetup in Sarasota, FL
  • Savannah, GA - User:Lawver.net is interested in organizing!
  • St. Louis, MOMark87 is interested in meeting up in St. Louis, MO.
  • Durham, NC - Kimberly Hirsh is interested in meeting up in Durham, NC.
  • ... add your city and your name here if you're interested in co-organizing a Homebrew Website Club in your city.


Past Meetings

These cities used to have meetings and could totally use a new space(s) and/or another/new co-organizer(s) to step and make one happen! Past co-organizers are more than happy to help connect you to the existing community, so definitely reach out!



Main article: homebrewbrum



  • Minneapolis, MN
    • Organizer(s): Nicole Tollefson - has moved
    • First meeting 2014-06-18
    • Waiting for: need new local organizer(s)!


Organizers, use the following to keep your Homebrew Website Club meetups on time and on track.

Remember to take and post a photo to the event page!


  • Get a venue!
  • Post an indie event for your specific meeting city (at your specific venue - if you have one, otherwise post anyway, and add venue when you get it)
  • Duplicate a previous Facebook HWC event for your city
    • Find the previous FB event for your city
    • Choose "Duplicate Event..." from the [...] button/menu next to the top right "Edit" button
    • Update references to previous date / wiki page / indie event to post to current one
    • Optionally update or rotate event header photo
  • Or create a new FB event (e.g. if duplicating just makes FB say Something went wrong) and:
    • Set the event header photo to a PNG like:
      • Mosaic of attendees from 2014 [6]
      • Retro [7]
      • I'm attending [8] (Note: should be updated to current logo and "Homebrew Website Club")
      • or another clever variant (see previous HWC event wiki pages)
    • Add a brief description from a recent next-hwc
    • Link to the IndieWeb wiki page for the event, e.g. in the description like:
      More information: https://indieweb.org/events/2015-05-20-homebrew-website-club
    • Link to your indie event and auth Bridgy with FB to get RSVPs! e.g. in the description
      Originally posted at: URL-OF-INDIE-EVENT
    • Keywords: Technology, Digital art
  • Invite everyone who attended previous Homebrew Website Club meetups in your city, and those you've invited before, and any friends you know who may be interested in having their own website, or upgrading their blog etc.
  • Optionally post a POSSE copy on Upcoming.org or any other event sites that might help promote the event


  • 17:00 arrive at the venue and:
    • make sure there is suitable seating for those that have RSVPd
    • make or bring a sign that clearly indicates the presence of an IndieWebCamp Homebrew Website Club meeting. If you come up with a nice sign design, please upload it to the wiki!
  • 17:20 put the sign out (or put up the IndieWebCamp logo on monitors in the space if any)
    • save seats for at least a few of the folks who RSVPd
    • consider setting aside a separate room or space for "Conversation Corner" for those that can't help but want to carry on a conversation during Quiet Writing Hour!
  • 17:25 test your projector setup to make sure people can show demos of their sites during the "Broadcast" half-hour from 18:30-19:30.

Quiet Writing Hour

  • 17:30-18:30 optional Quiet Writing Hour: some locations have started hosting a quiet writing hour from 17:30-18:30 immediately before the meetup itself.

HWC Broadcast

  • 18:30-19:00: Broadcast - take turns with the microphone 1-2 minutes on:
  • if this is your first time, introduce yourself, name, URL, what you'd like to do next with your personal site.
  • something new you created on or for your site since the last time you attended
  • questions about anything you're stuck on about your personal site
  • notable indieweb / ownyourdata related press / events

HWC Group Photo

  • ~19:00: Group photo - organizers should call time on the "broadcast" phase and then organize and take a group photo to upload to the wiki and embed in the "Photos" section on the page for the specific event. This also helps break-up existing sitting patterns and gives people a chance to move around.

HWC Peer to Peer

  • ~19:00-19:30: Peer-to-peer - encourage everyone to find others they heard in the previous half hour that were interested in similar topics. Help newcomers with getting started with their personal sites, and hopefully even logging into the wiki and adding themselves to the RSVP section for the meeting!

HWC Group Photo 2

  • ~19:30: Group photo - If you forgot to take a group photo, or anyone new showed up, use the end of the peer-to-peer session as an opportunity to take another group photo.

HWC Clean-up and close

  • ~19:45-20:00: Clean-up and meeting closure - get everyone to help clean-up and leave the meeting space cleaner than they found it (BarCamp style). Encourage folks to continue discussions at a nearby pub or cafe and get food/drink too!

HWC Immediately after

  • Combine notes from the broadcast portion of the meetup into a post.
    • (Optionally) Syndicate the post to IndieNews
  • Add to the event page on the wiki:
    • At least one group photo from your meeting.
    • Any other wrap-up posts with notes from the meeting.

Planning Questions

In rough order of when a co-organizer might encounter these:

Finding a venue

How do I find a venue?

  • Check out cafes that have an environment where people are sparse and the cafe is ok with hanging out with laptops for an hour or two.

What kind of food venue is works well?

  • Cafe style is best, where you order at the counter separately, and can come and go independently.
  • Wifi is a nice to have (or get someone to bring a mifi hotspot and share)
  • Power outlets are also a nice to have

Adding to the wiki

How should a co-organizer add a HWC-event to the wiki?

  • Two choices:
    1. If your HWC is (preferably) on the same date as the "usual" HWC, add your city to the existing event page!
    2. Otherwise if your HWC meetup is on a different date, then clone an existing HWC event page, change details as needed for yours, and add it to the index on Homebrew_Website_Club

And then follow:

Promoting an HWC event

How do I promote an HWC event?

  • Invite participants from previous HWC events in the same city.
  • Invite participants from IndieWebCamps from that city

There are several logos and graphics you can use in your promotions.

Promoting Regular HWC Meetups

Some organizers have found it useful to create a separate web and social media presence for their group. This allows potential attendees to stay up-to-date on upcoming events without needing to follow the organizers' feeds, and (potentially) allows multiple organizers to manage announcements and marketing.

Examples of HWC sites and social media accounts

What to bring

What should I bring to the meetup?

  • A sign saying Homebrew Website Club might be helpful

Ask Organizers

Got more questions?

  • Ask active community members who (help) organize (or have organized) Homebrew Website Club meetups, e.g. in IRC, or in-person at a meetup!

Organizers (alphabetically by name, summary from the above lists, who has been active etc.)


  • Amy Guy (formerly MIT, and previously Edinburgh)


Tantek was inspired after attending the Homebrew Computer Club 38th Reunion and set up the first meeting 2013-11-20 in San Francisco.

Logos and Graphics

Images you can use for the featured / banner image on event pages:


Appearance refresh or new site

Would it be helpful to do a refresh of this page as a reference, or perhaps a separate site entirely like:

Which has a similar list of active cities, how to start your own, but presented much more simply.

HWC 2016

This is an archive of the HWC 2016 planning, originally found here.

2016 Homebrew Website Club start date! Should we start the 2016 HWC meetups on:

  • 2016-01-06 only one week after 2015-12-30,
    • but avoids having a meetup land the day before US Thanksgiving
    • 0 Tantek Çelik ok with this. no longer any preference.
    • 0 gRegor Morrill OK with this. Not attending an HWC currently so does not impact me.
  • 2016-01-13 two weeks after 2015-12-30,
    • but collides with Wednesday before US Thanksgiving thus unlikely to have much (any) participation at US venues.
    • 0 Tantek Çelik ok with this.

Based on lack of strong input on this, we are going with the default continuing every two weeks from 2015-12-30 and starting 2016 HWC with 2016-01-13. - Tantek 14:56, 23 December 2015 (PST) (updated, no objections, going with this plan. Tantek 07:51, 31 December 2015 (PST))

Getting some feedback that pages on organizing HWC hard to find, I think it maybe best to make a new page that is an HWC toolkit and port most of this content over.

At top of this page put two buttons one "Attend an HWC" and another "Organize an HWC"

See Also