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Calum Ryan

Calum Ryan is a front-end developer in Kent, UK and co-organizer of Homebrew Website Club London.


Custom built CMS using PHP and MySQL for interactions and short-form content. There is also a separately-maintained blog using Jekyll.


The custom built CMS has a responsive interface including fields for writing short-form posts, photos, bookmarks, likes and check-ins. This also facilitates sending and syndication to other platforms including Twitter.

Posting via Micropub is possible for a select range of use cases including short-form text or photo posts, check-ins via OwnYourSwarm and Instagram via OwnYourGram.

The posting interface provides a target URL field which allows for sending Webmentions to other websites or platforms like Twitter via Bridgy support.

Following people

The Following page lists people who I follow, currently by using Aperture to subscribe to RSS and Microformat feeds.


I'm most experienced and comfortable with the following skills and technologies:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Vanilla/ES6+ and some VueJs), some PHP
  • WordPress, Laravel
  • Web Accessibility
  • Web Performance

IndieWeb projects

Alongside maintaining my own websites these are some other IndieWeb-related projects I have created or contributed to:

  • IndieWebGuides - (Update coming in 2019) revamping homepage and content structure
  • HWC London contribution via GitHub. Event information and RSVP support.


  • Extend CMS to store entire contents of post objects such as weather information and checkins.
  • Self-hosted Microsub reader/server