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Kirby is a filed-based CMS written in PHP. Its main developer Bastian Allgeier "can't wait to spend more time on integrating indie web components into Kirby" after making a Kirby webmention plugin at IndieWebCamp (2015/Germany/Demos#Bastian_Allgeier).


Kirby is a CMS that tries to keep things simple. Aimed at beginning programmers, front end developers who don't like crazy backends, and any other devs who like to keep things minimal.

Kirby uses .txt files for storage, thus does not fall in the database antipattern. The content is still dynamically generated, so it's not a static site.

Kirby is more a CMS for developers who build sites for clients. Installing Kirby, the plugins, adding fields to the panel, writing templates, that all requires some developer knowledge. This gives Kirby great flexibility, yet keeps it fast. Once everything is defined and designed, the backend is very fast and user friendly (depending on the setup).

You should use Kirby if you're a developer and are comfortable with installation and setup steps that require (basic) developer knowledge. Or, if you have someone to get everything setup.


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