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IndieWebCamp Germany 2015 Demos!

Start Day Demos

Demos from the start of IndieWebCamp Germany 2015 - selfdogfood demos of what people already have working on their own sites.

TO DO: transcribe from IRC notes http://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2015-05-09#t1431158899781

Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith was the first to demonstrate his own site adactio.com:

Transcribed from: http://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2015-05-09#t1431158967523

  • Site runs PHP, MySQL for a very long time
  • Posts notes (basically tweets) to his own site and syndicates to twitter.
  • Handles responses from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and publish(?), using webmention, setup 2 years ago!
  • His site supports micropub so he can use someone else's client to post
  • Demos posting with Quill
    • sign-in with IndieAuth with SMS authentication
  • Demos posting with Ownyourgram / Instagram

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki demonstrates his site aaronparecki.com

Transcribe from: http://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2015-05-09#t1431159261652

  • Messy pile of PHP
  • ...

... add more start day demos ...

Hack Day Demos

IndieWebCamp Germany 2015 Hack Day Demos!

TO DO: transcribe from IRC notes http://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2015-05-10#t1431268323324

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki was the first to demonstrate.



  • made into offline app
  • added backdating support

Jeremy Keith


  • implemented sending webmentions for bookmark posts (receiving was working already)
  • issues with webmention implementation: parsing (DOM instead of regex), relative endpoint URLs
  • for posts with many links sending queue should be used

Stefan Auditor


  • setup with Drupal
  • created IndieAuth+Micropub integration for Drupal, including map for location data
  • created Microformats integration for Drupal, difficult to achieve without editing themes, was more complex than Micropub
  • added webmention support to a Drupal module for Pingback/Trackback

Johannes Dachsel


  • planned to use Instagram to post to site, then delete image from Instagram but API doesn't allow deleting
  • built POSSE to Twitter for ProcessWire, module is on GitHub
  • also started webmention for ProcessWire, module is on GitHub

Bastian Allgeier


  • built receiving webmention support for Kirby CMS, incoming webmentions are stored in JSON files along with Kirby filesystem
  • nice UI that separates likes, mentions, replies in templates
  • also extended Kirby markdown parser for mf2 (e.g. for like)
  • https://github.com/bastianallgeier/kirby-webmentions

Steffen Rademacker


  • created Micropub integration for Kirby CMS, demoed with Quill
  • posts created through Micropub are converted to Markdown and stored in Kirby filesystem along with meta data

Frederic Marx


  • set up microformats on his site for IndieAuth

Brainstorming on an "IndieWeb Medium"

  • why people like Medium: easy and delightful, low threshold, comments and interactions
  • comments and interactions can use webmentions with fragments
  • created mockup (TODO: add link to it?)



  • set up site with Wordpress
  • added microformats to Wordpress default theme
  • lots of IndieWeb plugins

Daniel Pietzsch


  • added microformats to his site (on Tumblr)
  • accepts webmentions via webmention.io

CSS fix for Monocle

Lukas Rosenstock

phpADNSite on http://lukasrosenstock.net/

  • implemented receiving webmentions
  • webmentions are stored as annotated posts on app.net

Glenn Jones


  • extracted post editor from his site so others can use it
  • dynamically updates text, HTML preview, JSON and tag list while typing
  • it's HTML, CSS and JS; will be turned into webcomponent
  • https://github.com/glennjones/note-editor

Jan Sauer


  • renewed SSL certificate and improved SSL implementation on his site
  • set up Indiecert



  • added auth providers and PGP key
  • started Micropub implementation


  • updated this tool to parse microformats and schema.org

Amy Guy


  • now sending webmentions automatically from her site
  • added Twitter intent button for sharing to Twitter

Auli Kütt



  • added receiving mentions to Jekyll site using JekMention

Justin Avery


  • improved SSL implementation and rating


Sebastian Kippe



  • added POSSE to Foursquare (requires privacy policy to set up API!)
  • RSVPs in Known
  • POSSE to Twitter

Nick Jennings


  • new website for Sockethub
  • accepting webmentions using webmention.io and storing them in remotestorage, work in progress

Michiel de Jong


  • Research and planning for posting to limited audiences
  • Updated indieweb-messaging based on this

Other Years