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Demos was a session at IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2022 on 2022-05-01 where participants demonstrated things they built or wrote during the camp.





  • Wanted to sign in with IndieAuth to see photos
  • shows https://indie.welt.org.uk/ with sign in form (IndieAuth client)
  • enters the password and is redirected, page now displays a photo
  • put a web component on github (could not make out the name of it from the video)



  • https://andreasnebiker.com/
  • Demos a javascript switch theme method that toggles the site dark or light
  • Will help using Figma as a publishing tool
  • Working halfway "on my machine" just not on the web yet

Calum Ryan

  • Calum Ryan, https://calumryan.com
  • worked on a gallery that collects photos from notes and checkins
  • goes back a couple years, needs to migrate older content
  • each photo links to the post it came from
  • added Mastodon profile link
  • earlier this week started POSSE posts to Mastodon

Unknown 1

  • did not catch the name of this person, please update if you know
  • geofencing not working due to limitations on the phone, not running in background
  • set up indiewebcamp posters that can be printed, including QR code
  • after a certain time, might want to update content on the final URL you scan, or redirect it
  • Using URL forwarder goto.cgi-events.com?shorty=iwc22

Unknown 2

  • did not catch the name of this person, please update if you know
  • now has an events page showing events RSVPed
  • and a map of all future events
  • javascript filter by city
  • working on contrast with CSS


  • Tantek Çelik, https://tantek.com
  • shows his interface for posting
  • shows a preview of a reply to Calum Ryan's photo from yesterday
  • added some more debugging. Adds `?d` parameter and shows lots of info
  • debug shows it's a reply post without a Twitter in-reply-to or @-names, so shouldn't POSSE to Twitter
  • only wants to make comment on Calum's post, not POSSE to Twitter
  • previously all replies were going to Twitter, even if it didn't make sense
  • debug shows the webmention endpoint discovered
  • clicks "Publish Reply", live demo!
    • looks like it still POSSEd to Twitter
  • refreshes Calum's photo post and the reply shows up
  • previously was having issues sending webmentions for RSVPs


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