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IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2022, the seventh IndieWebCamp in Düsseldorf, was on 30 April and 01 May 2022, before the beyond tellerrand conference and Accessibility Club Meetup #11.


Venue (CGI) Covid requirements & requests:

  • 😷 recommended. Please wear a face mask indoors.
  • 🧪 recommended. Please take a fresh Covid test (free local test centers are good).

Please read through and agree to:

If you have any questions or problems regarding these Codes of Conduct, please contact one or more of the #Organizers.


Whatever your disability, we want to make sure IndieWebCamps are accessible to all. If you consider attending IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf and have specific accessibility requirements, contact us in advance and we'll try to make sure that we are able to accommodate you. The venue has elevators for access to rooms on different floors.


Local travel by 🚃 rail, 🚈 tram/underground, 🚗 car, 🚲 bicycle:

  • Venue: CGI, Heerdter Lohweg 35, 40549 Düsseldorf

🚝 We highly recommend traveling by public transit or bicycle


  • 🚃 From Hauptbahnhof: If you arrive by train at the Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof you need to get the U75 in the direction of ”Neuss Hauptbahnhof”. It's a 15 minute ride on the tram/underground to station “Heerdter Krankenhaus”. From there it's a 500m straight walk roughly (see here on Google Maps direction from Hauptbahnhof).

For more information about routes etc.:

  • 🚃 Deutsche Bahn for train times/tickets within Germany and internationally
  • 🚈 VRR for local and regional tram/underground/train and bus times/tickets


  • 🚲 Nextbike for low-cost bike hire within Düsseldorf city center

Weekend Schedule

Overview of the weekend's schedule:

  • Saturday, April 30th
    • 9:00 Organizer setup and you may join us for coffee
    • 10:00 IndieWebCamp kickoff!
    • 16:00 Day 1 camp close
  • Sunday, May 1st
    • 10:00 Create Day start
    • 17:00 Camp close

Thanks to CGI for providing lunch!


Sessions are proposed and voted on by the participants.


Remote Participants

Day 1:

Day 2:

Adjacent Events

Covid Info

No cases were reported from IndieWebCamp participants.


Posts and notes about the camp!


See: Photos on the Event page

Friday Informal Social

Some of us will be arriving in Düsseldorf the Friday afternoon or evening before the camp and are interested in meeting up for some informal social time. Please feel free to add yourself and if you are interested in meeting up for a drink or dinner:




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