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IndieAuth 1.1 is a IndieWebCamp Pop-ups 2020 session.

IndieWebCamp Pop-ups 2020
Session: IndieAuth
When: 2020-08-08 9:30 AM (Pacific) / 12:30 PM (Eastern)
URL: https://events.indieweb.org/2020/08/indieauth-pop-up-session-6xlxgeCEMgv8
Streaming video/audio platform: Zoom

Let's discuss how can we iterate IndieAuth? What open issues are there to discuss on the issue tracker? What OAuth proposals might be worth implementing in IndieAuth endpoints? Should PKCE be mandatory? More thoughts captured in the IndieAuth 1.1 milestone on GitHub.

If possible, attendees should familiarize themselves with existing open issues.




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We use an Etherpad to take notes on the event.