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Lwa is a in-progress social reader by Jacky Alciné at https://lwa.black.af that aims to provide an adaptive approach to rendering social feeds.



The composer is the part of the experience that allows people to create posts while examining their timelines. It'll be explicit designed for composing notes, photos, videos and bookmarks. Avoiding super-long form text (like articles) as that's not in the scope of the project.

Auto Suggestion

In order to aid users with composing, autosuggest support is built into the experience. A list of h-card information will be shown as the user types from

  • their nickname cache,
  • a list of h-cards from the current post being replied to (if any)
  • a list of h-cards from the current channel being viewed

No sort of weighting will be used as the order above will rely on the the nickname-cache to inform what names should be shown the closest to the top.

Post Rendering

In combination with using the information from Microsub servers, Lwa will extend posts from their source MF2 to properly display

Subscription Support

Provides an endpoint that can be used for to follow people via rel-subscribe.

WebSub support

Native Silo Rendering

Provides logic to natively render content from

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