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I'm Jacky Alciné. I really enjoy working on software and making it more simple to use for anyone interested. That said, I really like keeping my content on my own terms. You'll see that a lot of sections below might be out of date but will point to parts of my personal site that you can reference for more up to date bits.

At the time of writing,, my personal site is Level 1. However, work is being done to skip to Level 3 by means of Koype.

Jacky Alciné


Jacky is a eager and avid supporter of the IndieWeb

Chat Nickname: jacky



Reasoning for IndieWeb

I (Jacky) can't remember how I stumbled upon the IndieWeb. My blog posts did show a transition but now it's become something I'm very passionate about. It's potentially the tooling we can use to help remove the heavy corporate influence in social media as well as making for more organic and natural places to be ourselves on this big world wide Web.


There's IndieMark Scanner and the following in drafts.


A rebuild of my personal website as a IndieWeb site. I'd want it to be something everyone can use with an open core setup but right now, I'm tailoring it just for me.


A project meant to facilitate desktop usage, `libindieweb` is a C++11 project that allows developers to build native clients for the IndieWeb.


A homage, this serves as the native mobile application that'll be a testbed for features mentioned above like IndieAuth, scrobbling and the likes.

Objectives for Initial Launch

I'm working on the following Android libraries for Terrific.