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Path was a content hosting silo for private sharing of information among a small (limit 150) group of friends. On 2018-09-17, Path announced they would be closing 2018-10-18, with customer service open until 2018-11-15. Originally announced at, now (2018-11-20) down or unresponsive.

How to export

Prior to [10.18.2018], you can restore retrieve a copy of your data (i.e. your images, text, videos) by following below steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Log in with your Path account
  3. Click the button and enter email address that you wish to receive the backup files


  1. Open your Path app and go to Setting
  2. Click the button and enter your email address that you would like to receive the backup files.
  • Please make sure that your Path app is the latest ver.

Please note that you will not be able to access the backup service site after [10.18.2018]. We may not retain copies of any of your data on and from that date. Accordingly, you are encouraged to download and keep copies of your data if you wish to have access from [10.18.2018].


Random bits of UI from

Limited Reacji

Path was perhaps the first content silo to expand beyond like to a limited set of reacji - emoji-like graphics - as a way to react to posts.

  • ( need screenshot )

Unsubscribe Confirmation Page

If you receive an email from "", it likely has a line like:

If you do not wish to receive these emails, click here to unsubscribe.

If you click the "click here" link, you get the following semi clever confirmation screen:

Filled rectangle used to redact email address.

The blue and red segments are actually animated, as if they're lightcycles from a birds eye view.

Reloading the page restarts the animation.

Mobile UI

Screenshots that Jacky Alciné took before the Android application went out of commission.

Action Selection

Path allowed for a quick access menu to select what kind of post the user'd like to make.

Media Selection

Path had a selection tool for picking something to watch or listen to.

Personalized User Stream

The main stream folded in all of the activities of all of the people that one was friends with in real time.

Individual Activity Viewing

Face pile with corresponding reactji


Algorithmic discovery of content.

People Discovery

Importing contacts via phonebook or QR code.

Personal Feed (Header)

A look at one's personal page and history.

Targeted Message Sending

UI for selecting and sending messaging (no keyword popover).

User Hovercards

Hovercards for users other than yourself.

Main Configuration

Sleep Interface

Compose Interface

The empty UX for drafting a new post on Path for Android.

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