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A post is content published at a permalink, usually with an explicit published date in contrast to a named page, or the act of publishing that content, typically publicly, sometimes to a limited audience or even privately like a draft.

A post can be:

  • A discreet piece of content (perhaps a note or an article) — see also posts
  • The act of creating the aforementioned content


Main article: why post

Why post something? The answer is likely to be very personal, much more so than the general question of why IndieWeb.

Asking “why post” can make you question something you were going to post, can redirect you from posting something on a silo to instead posting on your own site, and can motivate you to post new things that you may have not previously considered posting.

See also:

How to

How to post

How to parse a post

For web developers who are writing code to find and process posts, e.g. to implement a social reader, here are some pages that describe how to discover posts and their aspects, and display posts from elsewhere such as those received via Webmention:

And how to:

What to post

Main article: what to post

You can post about anything you're interested in, at any time: the personal web is a space of freedom.

Sometimes, some people want to post more, but they lack inspiration.

For specific examples of what to post see:


Why post

Why you (might want to) post, see:

Why post positive things

Why not to post

Perhaps even document thoughts on why you might not post:

  • Avoiding self-promotion. Some alternatives:
    • post promoting others's good work instead or first
    • post something for a community (like an indie event for a community meetup like HWC)
  • ...

Why Post See Also

Why post on a company blog

Apparently to recruit employees.

What to post next

Have too many things or drafts to post and not sure what to prioritize posting next or in what order?


What else to post

See if any of these resonate: (or add your own when you find sources of inspiration to post)

  • Jot down ideas for posts, no matter how incomplete; could just be a word or fragment. Use a text file, notepad, or whatever is easiest for you. Re-visit the list periodically and expand those into posts.
  • Anniversaries of projects or activities you started/joined and have kept up with
    • publish on the day of or within a few days of the anniversary date
    • provide a highlights or a brief summary of what you did on the subject in the past year
    • link to previous years's post(s) on the subject
    • (good incentive to implement on this day to help remind you of anniversaries!)
  • ...

Posting to Support Open Source

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