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A post is either a piece of content or the act of publishing that content (usually in a way that is shared). It is different than a page

  • A discreet piece of content (perhaps a note or an article) — see also posts
  • The act of creating the aforementioned content
    • Also used elsewhere, e.g "posted a comment", "posted a photo"


This section is about why you should post in general. For why you should post on your own site, see:

Why post something? Excellent question, and the answer is likely to be very personal, much more so than the general why IndieWeb question (and answers).

Perhaps start with analyzing what do you already post, and where? E.g.

  • Do you post on silos?
    • What kinds of things do you post on silos?
    • Why do you post any one specific post on a silo?
    • Is that something you could post to your own site instead? (and POSSE)
    • If so, try it. If not, why not?
  • Do you post on public mailing lists?
    • What kinds of things do you post on mailing lists?
    • Are they things you could post on your own site first? And POSSE to the mailing list with a link back to your post permalink?

How to

How to post

How to parse a post

How to determine the:

And how to:

What to post

Having trouble coming up with inspiration or ideas about what to post? See if any of these resonate (or add your own when something inspires you to post, and sign your name!)

Any time



Thoughts on why post

Add more specific thoughts on why you (might want to) post (or just why write), even if they haven't motivated you yet, but might some day. Maybe they'll help motivate someone else!

  • from Dries's comment:

    I write for myself first. Writing, in many ways, pushes me to think; writing is my process to flesh out ideas.

    I write for the conversations second. I use this blog to think out loud in a public space, and to start conversations with people thinking about the same topics.

  • ...

Perhaps even document thoughts on why you might not post:

  • Avoiding self-promotion. Some alternatives:
    • post promoting others's good work instead or first
    • post something for a community (like an indie event for a community meetup like HWC)
  • ...

What else to post

See if any of these resonate: (or add your own when you find sources of inspiration to post)

  • Jot down ideas for posts, no matter how incomplete; could just be a word or fragment. Use a text file, notepad, or whatever is easiest for you. Re-visit the list periodically and expand those into posts.
  • Anniversaries of projects or activities you started/joined and have kept up with
    • publish on the day of or within a few days of the anniversary date
    • provide a highlights or a brief summary of what you did on the subject in the past year
    • link to previous years's post(s) on the subject
    • (good incentive to implement on this day to help remind you of anniversaries!)
  • ...

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