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social media is the marketing term for silos and silo posts, ironically more anti-social than social, and encouraging of extreme opposition rather than medium perspectives, typically with like/repost counts UIs that incentivize inflammatory posts rather than considered thoughts & dialog.

How to

How to decentralize social media

  1. Get Started with decentralizing yourself first, to both understand the current challenges, and the benefits for doing so
  2. Participate in IndieWeb discussions for how to help others decentralize their own social media
  3. Keep iterating until you yourself are free of social media, and we have more people on the IndieWeb than social media, at which point momentum takes over.


See: silo#Popular_Silos


Possible Future

Four pane comic showing evolution of posting your opinion on the web from writing HTML, posting on Social Media, neural cable, lastly a 'uni-mind' collective via 2019-03-11: Comic by Joey Alison Sayers: Posting Your Opinions Online: A Timeline (@thenib)


Harmful To Democracy

Harms Productivity

  • ~2015(?) Neal Stephenson - Social Media
    Though I never became a heavy poster on social media, I did reach a point last year when I was checking Twitter and my personal Facebook every few minutes. When I found myself manually refreshing the Facebook window in the hopes of dredging up posts I hadn't seen yet, I decided it was time to think a little harder about the effect that this was having on my ability to get things done.

May Harm Career

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