The Social Dilemma

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The Social Dilemma is a 2020 Netflix docudrama that critiques social media silos, and their use of recommendation engines in algorithmic feeds to amplify addictive behaviors in their users to maximize advertising business models, though presented from the viewpoints of former silo employees who have since turned into critics, while neglecting long-standing critical activists.



And also:

  • Roger McNamee (Author, Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe)
  • Jeff Seibert (Co-founder, Digits)
  • Cynthia Wong (Former Senior Internet Researcher, Human Rights Watch)
  • Joe Toscano (Co-founder, BEACON)
  • Sandy Parakilas (Formerly, Facebook and Uber)
  • Randima Fernando (Co-founder, Center for Humane Technology)
  • Cathy O’Neil (Author, Weapons of Math Destruction)
  • Guillaume Chaslot (CEO, IntuitiveAI)
  • Alex Roetter (Venture Partner, Moxxie Ventures)
  • Bailey Richardson (Partner, People & Company)
  • Jonathan Haidt (Professor, NYU Stern School of Business)
  • Lynn Fox (Formerly, Apple and Google)


(this list needs to be analyzed and clustered by specific criticisms in subheadings)

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