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algorithmic feed (AKA algorithm-driven feed or just algorithm feed) is a more correct term for the "algorithmic timeline" lie, and an increasingly common feature on social media silos such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where they show only some posts from your followings, as well as show some posts only hours or days after they were posted, thus not in chronological order.

How to turn off

So far only Twitter has an option for turning off the algorithmic feed and switching back to a chronological feed.

you can just toggle off the "Show me the best tweets" option in the settings menu if you don't want to see it at all.

More at:

One can also use a Twitter search query for filter:follows -filter:replies and click the "Latest" tab to get a non-algorithmic Twitter timeline somewhat similar to their original incarnation.

2018-09-17 The Verge reported that Twitter will soon let you switch between chronological and ranked feeds and included a link to a viral Tweet about muting a variety of terms to be able to manually modify one's Twitter timeline. Some of these terms include:

  • suggest_recap
  • suggest_who_to_follow
  • suggest_activity
  • suggest_activity_tweet
  • suggest_recycled_tweet_inline
  • suggest_recycled_tweet
  • suggest_grouped_tweet_hashtag

Silo Examples

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Facebook "has had some form of an algorithmic News Feed since 2011."[1]

See Facebook Algorithm


Twitter started switching to an algorithmic feed in 2016 February.


Instagram has supported an algorithmic followings feed since 2016 when it was announced and a few months later rolled out to most users, presumably subsequently all users.

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