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Mastodon is an open source implementation of a federated social network with several running instances that is compatible with GNU social.

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Building Blocks

IndieWeb Building Blocks that Mastodon supports:



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Feature summary:

Specific feature details:



Mastodon profiles show various information:




Mastodon has a notifications page that shows various items such as when others react to your posts:




See Mastodon Github Issues:


Resolved or apparently resolved past issues.

One Primary Instance

Resolution: Apparently resolved as there is a growing number of Mastodon instances (and the "primary" instances is now closed to new signups). See:


One danger, that projects like Mastodon face, is when they are used as a service by more than one user, any downtime will affect multiple users. For instance, on the morning of Nov 11, 2016 the instance was down briefly and displayed a generic server error.

In this regard, promoting "" the site in particular as an alternative to Twitter (e.g. see tweets encouraging "join me on") merely encourage users to go from one silo, to a perhaps more open source-based and more open standards supporting silo, yet still dependent on another central org.

As a contrast, if each user were to run their own Mastodon instance, one instance going down would not affect multiple users in this fashion. Second best would be if users who choose not to run on their own servers were instead encouraged get together with someone that does, which again, would limit the exposure of when one instance goes down. But when such users all join a single server (e.g. the site itself) or any platform with similar architecture, they will suffer from this single point of failure in design.

Update (and one way to resolve this!) As of 2017-04-04 (or earlier?) is no longer accepting sign-ups and directing people to sign-up elsewhere:

"Due to exceptionally high traffic, registrations on this instance are closed until quality of service can be assured for existing users. Choose one of the various other public instances to sign up!"


Federating Directly with Mastodon

Some in the IndieWeb community are working on bridging the gap between the Fediverse and the IndieWeb efforts, some of these include Advanced plugins/extensions/software which shouldn't require a Mastodon account on an instance as they make your site behave like a standalone instance of Mastodon:

  • Ryan Barrett has released which allows one to let their own website federate directly into Mastodon and other networks in various ways. Released in October 2017, it's still under development.
  •  Matthias Pfefferle has a WordPress OStatus plugin which supports a variety of post kinds on Mastodon; it includes a handful of sub-plugins (Webfinger, Salmon, Activity Streams, etc.) to get everything working. Some of the pieces are out of date in October 2017, but are being upgraded over time.



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