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Bridgy Fed connects IndieWeb sites with federated social networks like Mastodon and HubZilla. You can think of it like a POSSE and backfeed service for those silos, except that it federates instead of syndicating. Under the covers, it translates Webmentions to/from ActivityPub and OStatus.


You want to federate your web site with a fedsocnet for the same reasons you POSSE, PESOS, or backfeed to any other silo: you want to own your data, but you also want to interact with people inside that silo.

How it works

One key difference between Bridgy Fed and POSSE/PESOS is that it federates instead of syndicating. Fedsocnets like Mastodon understand that your profile and posts live on your site, not inside Mastodon, so they link to your site properly.

IndieWeb Examples

Ryan Barrett

Started using Bridgy Fed to federate with Mastodon and Hubzilla at the beginning of September 2017.

Federating a reply

Here's an example reply to a post on Mastodon:

bridgy fed indieweb reply.jpg

And here's how it shows up inside Mastodon. Note that the permalink links back to, not inside Mastodon.

bridgy fed mastodon post.jpg


Here's another reply from inside Mastodon:

bridgy fed mastodon reply.png

And here it is backfed to the original post on my site:

bridgy fed indieweb backfeed.jpg


Ryan Barrett had been thinking about the idea for Bridgy Fed for years, and then...

As of 2018-01-11, Bridgy Fed has successfully federated ~50 posts between the IndieWeb and fedsocnets. Here are the 20 latest.

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