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Anthony Ciccarello


Pronouns: he/him

Anthony Ciccarello is a web developer based in California

Chat Nickname: aciccarello

Contact: IndieWeb Slack or

I started a static site for professional reasons and eventually migrated from a GitHub Pages subdomain to as my domain. I was motivated to take control of my blog posts after disliking some of the changes Medium was making which lead me to some IndieWeb ideas. More background and history on my site is posted on my Colophon page.



  • Considering having separate feeds for content posts vs activity posts. The thought being, content posts (articles, photos, recipes) are more interesting to others to consume, where activity posts (bookmarks, reactji, replies) can feel kind of spamy and distract-from/water-down the main content.
  • There are aspects of post-kinds that don't follow my preferences for what shows up in a feed. For example, I have posted some photos that I wouldn't want to show up in my photos feed because they are screenshots or other uninteresting content. I can also see sometime wanting to bookmark or reshare with a comment but I'm not sure that I want those to always or never visible in my feed. An out of band signal might be helpful (perhaps a tag) but that seems like it could get messy.