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Personal Website Demos was a session at IndieWebCamp San Diego 2023 with in-person and remote participants.

Joe Crawford

  • Joe Crawford, https://artlung.com/
  • Long-time San Diego computer nerd
  • First website 1996, first domain 1999
  • Stuck with most websites all that time, worked a lot with the web
  • Worked briefly at Neopets
  • Worked on a 1998 Disneyland website for an agency
  • Self-proclaimed internet oddball
  • On an original web standards mailing list
  • Would love to be involved in the standards communities again
  • joecrawford.com -- recently redone
  • Thanks everyone for coming, hopes the SD crowd don't get sunburned

Al Abut

  • Al Abut, https://alabut.com
  • A "web dork" for over 20 years now
  • A blend of commercial and non-commercial web use
  • Moved to SF, worked in startups for years
  • Excited about the non-commercial web, playing with things
  • Forgot how much he loves web standards
  • Spent time on the CSS working group
  • There are things in the air with social / open standards, and people working on the web for fun
  • Exciting to see people work on new things on the web
  • Primarily bring a design eye; if there are things with which Al can help in terms of making microsites, making things easier, that's what he will dive into
  • Here to help!


  • First introduction to the IndieWeb
  • Full-stack web developer, moving to back-end development
  • [audio too hard to hear]
  • We (all participants) will encourage you to set up a website today and work on it tomorrow!

Angelo Gladding

  • Angelo Gladding, https://ragt.ag
  • Just bought a new domain, says GWG :D
  • Currently posting high-frequency code commits to my home page
  • Beware of following me in a feed reader as a result
  • Plan to take the weekend on long-form writing
    • James says "what!" (Sara joins James in showing surprise and encouragement) :D
  • Glad to be at his first in-person IndieWebCamp


  • Tantek Çelik, https://tantek.com
  • Most recent thing I did on my site was blog a brief summary of the Data Dialogues event at Meta's San Francisco office, which was invitation only but Chatham House rule applied; quote, but no attribution allowed.
  • My one hack there was at the end of the presentations I invited people to join me in a group photo which would be published publicly. Most people were happy with being in the photo!
  • My little way of nudging a private event to being more transparent; they were quite grateful that someone took the initiative to encourage that.
  • In the follow up email to attendees, they included the photo.
  • I have a longer blog post to write with my notes from the meeting.
  • Lot of things he wants to work on this weekend; site enhancements, library enhancements; figure out alternatives to Webfinger that we can use and share with AP implementers
  • Q: for Tantek: are you the main point of contact in the community? Governance structure in the IWC.
    • We are roughly anarchistic in that regard; decentralized. Leave it up to every city to organize their own HWC / IWCs. A lot of people volunteer to provide support. Self-determined volunteers. Every city and community decides what is right for them.
    • Very much encourage decentralized decision making. That's most sustainable. The spirit of the indie web. Nobody wants to be in charge; we want to start things and build communities!
  • Session idea from Al Abut sparked; a little intimidating about how you get started.

David Shanske

Peter Kaminski

Chris Aldrich

  • Chris Aldrich, https://boffosocko.com
  • Can't count how many IWCs he has visited now—would have to look up on his site
  • First was one he hosted in Los Angeles; group was supportive; took it over from someone else who moved away.
  • We are working on the next one. Late summer, maybe??
  • Lifted site name from The Muppets Take Manhattan
  • Used the early web but didn't have a domain to ~2003
  • Used boffosocko.com since ~2008.
  • One of the last things he did was a setup for hand-writing posts and publishing the text to his website
  • Hoping to extend the feature to an old web thing called "typecasting" that works with analog typewriters
  • In one photo, a click (maybe two), take text from a typewriter, post on site, and make it available to everyone

Anthony Ciccarello

  • Anthony Ciccarello, https://ciccarello.me
  • Got in the IndieWeb through having a blog
  • Super active in the IndieWeb Chat
  • Active in some JavaScript-focused projects like IndieKit, which he runs on his site
  • Has a static-hosted website
  • Getting involved with metaformats work with microformats parsers, mostly because IndieKit will use it for link previews, references, etc. Mapping existing meta tags to microformats is ideal for interoperability.

Remote attendees

James G

Pablo Morales

  • Pablo Morales https://lifeofpablo.com/
  • based out of Sacramento
  • Blogs a lot
  • Likes multi-media posts, anything from audio blog posts to video
  • Does a lot of photography
  • Currently working on year in review blog post, one for photography and one for a more general year end review
  • Almost done with the photography one, for those who want a quick preview it is being shown on the chat
    • James loves the photography! :D

Sara Jakša

  • Sara Jakša, https://sarajaksa.eu/
  • Joining from Slovenia
  • Made website in 2016, mostly been writing a lot of words!
  • Also, I was working on something before I saw the link, so I am perfectly fine, if I am not involved with everything :)


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