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Data Dialogues (AKA Data Dialogue Series) are three hour interactive and interdisciplinary workshops hosted by Meta Platforms, focused on privacy challenges in rapidly evolving product areas, such as Threads and ActivityPub.

A small group of practitioners from academia, nonprofits, and civil society are invited to discuss the challenges in developing a strategy that ensures products are designed to work for and protect everyone.

Conversations are held under the Chatham House Rule.


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Event: Meta’s Data Dialogue on Threads Interoperating in the Fediverse

Meta hosted a discussion at their San Francisco office about their proposed plan to integrate Threads into the Fediverse and encourage constructive feedback on the proposal. There was also a conversation around the challenges raised in building an open, decentralized app, and how to mitigate potential privacy and data risks.

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On the 2021-12-17 Meta’s Alejandra-Parra Orlandoni and Denise Spellman-Butler hosted a discussion with external experts from academia, civil society and industry on the subject of PETs [privacy-enhancing technologies]. More:

  • Privacy-Enhancing Technologies: Data Innovation and Design Considerations

    In December 2021, the Privacy & Data Public Policy Team at Meta held an event with privacy experts called a “Data Dialogue” which aimed to discuss the many trade-offs related to de-identification and questions of fairness and explainability when it comes to privacy enhancing technologies and de-identification.

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  • ~2019-2020 MakeMark: Data Dialogue Logo Meta

    A suite of 4 logo variants for the Meta Privacy teams’ Data Dialogue Series. The series holds meetings to discuss and plan policies and principles needed around the next generation of data-driven technologies. The logo needed to represent both the work covered as well as the openness and willingness to connect and communicate both internally and externally regarding data privacy tech and policy making.

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