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Chat Nickname: benji


Hi, my name is benji and I'm a software developer from Ecuador πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¨. My personal site is built with Eleventy. The site supports webmentions using GitHub actions to send on every build and checks for new webmentions once a day using a similar approach.


micropub endpoint

Serverless Micropub Endpoint deployed to Netlify. Content is added to either a GitHub or GitLab repository. Designed to work with Eleventy but has also been tested with Hugo.

Supported content types:


A Micropub client built as a Progressive Web App (PWA). Uses OMDb API to search for movies when creating watch posts. Actively being developed but should be stable.

sparkles: release notes


Not really IndieWeb related but was inspired by the implementations discussed in permashortlink and newbase60. The short-domain for my site is