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GitLab offers git repository management, code reviews, issue tracking, activity feeds and wikis. It is an open source project that provides many of the features of GitHub. Also offers enterprise support and repository hosting. Their hosted offering also includes GitLab Pages, a service to build and host static websites.

IndieWeb Friendly

GitLab supports the following IndieWeb building blocks:


Advocacy to GitLab to adopt building blocks towards becoming more IndieWeb friendly:


Particularly those by or of interest to IndieWeb participants

2014-04-28 Gar: Time for gitlab (archived)

  • Helpful discussion of setting up Gitlab with Docker and subsequent memory issues. Concludes "After this experience it is apparent that neither gitlab nor docker is really ready for primetime."


Loss of data

We also lost some production data that we were eventually unable to recover. Specifically, we lost modifications to database data such as projects, comments, user accounts, issues and snippets, that took place between 17:20 and 00:00 UTC on January 31. Our best estimate is that it affected roughly 5,000 projects, 5,000 comments and 700 new user accounts.

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