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Ben Roberts Is a sysadmin and developer at a small company in Boston, MA who dreams of world domination.

I am currently developing my personal site.

  • I'm a sysadmin / Developer / Manager at a small company in Boston, MA.
  • I have my Masters in Computer Science from the University of Rhode Island.
  • I run Funtoo Linux on my main workstation.
  • I am crazy.



Main Article: InkBlot - github


Main Aritcle: InkStone - github


Main Aritcle: IndieID - github


  1. Twitter support
  2. CSS, currently very plain


Main Aritcle: mpTweet - github


  1. Get micropub chaining working (is not finding mp endpoint on last attempt, i think i can remove code and go straight to sending token / removed mpTweet token endpoint)
  2. CSS, currently still just a copy of relmeauth's index.php
  3. Make self documenting (errors tell you what parts you need to fix on your site)


Main Aritcle: Splatter - github

Abandoning in favor of InkBlot

Contacts List

This is just my ideas for an IndieWeb based contacts application. I will host my contact info on my own site as h-card but only public information. If a user visits the site with a key (custom to them) in the GET value, they get additional info such as mailing address, phone number, etc. Once I have have access to other's contact info, I build my contact list in a private section of my site. I could then access this information from an app on my phone or other device or directly through my website.

For key negotiation my current idea is to use webmention on the author page. Alice wants to get Bob's info in her contact list.

  1. Alice inputs Bob's URL in to her site.
  2. Alice's site gets Bob's site to discover his Author page (perhaps she had to put in his author URL directly)
  3. Alice's site parses Bob's h-card and adds this information to her contact list.
  4. Alice's site sends a webmention to Bob's author page saying that he has been added to her contacts.
  5. Bob's site receives this request and finds Alice's H-card on her site.
  6. Bob's site records this information for Bob to review later.
  7. Later Bob logs in to his site and sees that Alice has requested his information.
  8. Bob decides to give Alice all his contact information.
  9. Bob is asked to review Alice's URL to be sure that this URL is actually her site.
  10. Optionally Bob can add this info to his contacts, generating a request in the other direction.
  11. Bob approves her request and grants full access.
  12. Bob's site sends a web-mention to Alice's site that includes a generated key for Alice.
  13. Alice's site uses this key to get the updated contact information from Bob's site (with the key in the URL)

Other ideas/considerations:

Use Push notifications rather than h-card on author page. This would mean a complex push structure and people would know the second you remove access possibly. Not sure I would like that.

Ability to grant access to specific pieces to certain people. I might want a close friend to have all my information but others to have only a subset.

Friends without webmention systems can just ask for a URL that I can e-mail them. I can still specify the key and thereby control their level of access.

Sites should be able to receive keys before they make a request. (I know my friend will want my full info, so i just send him a link right away)

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  • todo: create a pubsubhub hub