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Git is a popular distributed source control management system that can be used to host and share code from independent sites.


Why use git on your own site? Good question โ€” to be answered by those that do!

Especially, why use git rather than some other indie code solution.

How to


There is plenty of good documentation about Git. Here's a few links to get started:

IndieWeb Examples

(stub - needs per person headings and "since YYYY-MM-DD" dates for each!)



The following software can be installed to provide git services on your own site:

Silos Running Open Source Software

You can use their silo or host it yourself with their open source software:



Here are some methods one might use to publish on their own site (host the repo on your site) and syndicate elsewhere (push to GitHub):

  • Simplest method is to add the silo (GitHub) as a separate repo and push to it when you're ready:
git remote add github
git push github


Complex Unmemorable Commands

Git, like many command line tools, has so many complex unmemorable commands that interact with each other in strange ways that it's far too easy to get something wrong, and far too hard to remember what the right thing is. They might as well be magic incantations (perhaps that has some appeal, like making it an "insider" jargon thing?).

This satirical parody illustrates the git commands problem quite well:

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