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Brandon Rozek

Brandon Rozek is a web developer who is interested in the Indieweb Principles.

Indieweb Setup

Brandon Rozek uses Wordpress to power his site with a custom theme.

He implements PESOS by using the Feedwordpress Plugin to import content from Codepen and his git mirror. He also PESOS his comments using Bridgy

Brandon implements POSSE by using Bridgy to send out a link to his blog posts on Twitter. He also sends a copy of his blog posts to his Tumblr (plugin) and Medium (plugin).

Indieweb Projects

  • Brandon developed an userscript that parses the representative h-card of the page and displays a link to a vCard containing the information.


  • Lowering the amount of Wordpress plugins he uses and making it instead into a script that checks his site periodically for updates.
  • Finding a way to archive pages to reduce link rot and automatically displaying it on his site when sites go down. (Perhaps using the Broken Link Checker plugin and directing users to the archived page when the link is broken?)
    • Check out the Owark Wordpress Plugin and see if it works for you - it automatically archives anything you link to in posts so you can switch to showing that archival copy if/when the links break. - Tantek