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Medium is an article hosting silo, and as of June 2016, the owner of Superfeedr[1].

Why not

Why not to use Medium, see:

How to

How to migrate away

The best option to migrate away from Medium is currently

Note that explicitly has medium to long form blog posting support:

See for instructions on how to migrate from Medium to


Medium provides the following features:


It is possible to automatically (via IFTTT) and manually POSSE articles to Medium.

Automatic POSSE

From: UPDATE: There is no longer a publish from RSS trigger on IFTT UPDATE: Medium removed access to their publishing API

  • Create and sign into your Medium and IFTTT accounts
  • Make sure you have a valid RSS (or possibly Atom per IFTTT's feed channel which allows it) feed containing accepted markup.
  • Go to the Medium Channel on IFTTT, click Connect.
  • Go to the RSS-to-Medium recipe and click the gray Advanced Settings link underneath the blue Add button.
  • Put your feed URL into field "Paste a Feed URL here".
  • Click Add button

Updates occur every 15 minutes

Manual POSSE

  1. Publish on your own site. Copy the permanent link's URL.
  2. Click on your avatar in the top right corner.
  3. Click on Import story.
  4. Paste in the URL.
  5. Edit the post on Medium if it took in a footer or put content in the wrong place (a header into the Medium title, for example).

Medium will automatically add an “Originally published at” note to the bottom of the post. It will also add a rel="canonical" link to the page pointing to your original post, making it so parsers know to get the post from your website when they are looking for the canonical version.

WordPress Plugin

  • Update the WordPress plugin has been deprecated and will no longer be supported. This maybe related to Medium shutting down their write API.

Unfortunately, we are unable to support the WordPress plug-in any further. As this is an open-source tool, we suggest you file a ticket for the community to review and fix. Additionally, you can always manually import your stories into Medium using our import tool: I am sorry for the inconvenience, and if you have any specific questions please let me know.Medium Plugin Support Page

IndieWeb Examples

Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith is using Medium's API to automatically post copies of articles to Medium: Syndicating to Medium.

Shane Becker

Shane Becker is manually POSSEing his articles to Medium since at least 2013-08-08 (maybe longer) e.g.:

Kevin Marks

Kevin Marks is manually POSSEing his articles to Medium since 2014-04-21, e.g.:

Eric Meyer

Eric Meyer manually POSSE’d a blogpost to Medium on 2015-07-29:

He described his problems with the process in a follow up post that was first published on Medium and then manually PESOSed back to his own blog, 2015-07-30:

David Mead

David Mead used the WP plugin to POSSE a blogpost to Medium on 2016-01-24:

Other Examples

Examples from more people with independent sites:

Peter Gasston

Peter Gasston started “experimenting with x-posting to Medium” on 2015-08-07:

POSSEing likes

If you post a like of a Medium article, what is the best way to POSSE that like to Medium?

Exporting your data

Official Export

Official documentation. Export format is HTML with microformats

  • go to
  • click the export button
  • wait for an email
  • click the link to download a .zip file full of HTML documents
  • these have a footer appended linking to the medium url that has the date exported
  • they break embedded tweets and youtube videos,
  • they replace external links with a redirect to a /r/?url= link that obviously doesn't work locally or on a server without you adding code


Python script to output a Markdown version of a Medium post: (If you have experience using this, please make notes here.)

API is write-only


buggy rel-canonical implementation

If you set the rel-canonical for a post on Medium using their API, it both fails to do so correctly, and then resets (via JS?) the rel=canonical link to a URL, not what you set it to.



Since at least 2017-08-19 Medium started showing modal popup nagware when viewing an article after you have read some number of articles that month. The dialog tells you how many Medium posts you've read to guilt you into signing up. (current limit is 3)

Nagware modal 2018-05-29

Note the now 3 (used to be 14) articles per month limit since at least 2018-05-29, likely earlier.

Medium Nagware screenshot showing a modal obscuring the article saying you have read 3 articles and must now sign-up

From tweet: since at least 2018-05-29

"2017: maybe I should just use medium instead of my own custom blog?

2018: whew"

@geddski May 29, 2018

Nagware modal 2017-08-19

Note the 14 articles per month limit since at least 2017-08-19, perhaps earlier. medium-modal-dialog.png


Walled Garden / Content Farm

Promoting App over Web

Lightweight Marketing Articles

More of a criticism of *reading* Medium (e.g. clicking links through to Medium posts)


    The articles on seem to be lightweight, designed for marketing purposes. All carbs, no protein.

    Lately it seems they are very much marketing pieces

    • more criticisms there that could be extracted and quoted like bad TOR UX, 'they do signal "low-quality"' / "not enough real world depth of experience behind them", iOS app crashes "using an iphone 4s with ios8 and medium crashes"


  • 2019-02-17
    • "One more reason to avoid Medium as a writer and reader.

      If you publish on Medium you are choosing to put your content in a walled garden and out of your own control, and out of reach of readers.

      Medium is not the open web and not a replacement for your own blog or site." @html5test February 17, 2019
  • 2019-04-13 Medium tedium

    Medium hasn’t invented anything, they’ve just tried to commoditize long-form blogging and put a sheen on it. There are so many better ways to share your thoughts to the world.


See Also

    • "Medium realllly don’t want people to jump ship these days.

      Want to export your publication? Yeah no. That’s not even a thing.

      You can download your personal archive - but Chrome will then block it cause the zip is malformed in some way.

      Here, have some more popups." @JohnONolan September 13, 2018
  • DzmhW0ZXcAEs3NJ.jpg