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Gatsby is a React-based static site generator with live preview.

Gatsby uses React to render static pages that follow the PRPL pattern for exceptional loading speed. The static pages can be sourced from a huge variety of data, translated into GraphQL, then queried to produce a collection of pages that around generated at build time.

This means that there is HTML markup that's fully machine readable - making it SEO/indie/webmention/js;dr friendly.

At the moment it supports many data sources:

These data sources can then be transformed:

  • Remark (turn Markdown into HTML)
  • YAML
  • TOML

(Note that these are only read during build time - so you must re-build to get new content out)


When it comes to "incoming" data to this site generator, it would have to push the data to one of the connected data sources then trigger a rebuild. At the moment it doesn't support incremental rebuilds but overall the performance is pretty good for small-ish sites to do a complete rebuild.

You could probably handle incoming webmentions by having a small app on another subdomain that pushes the webmentions into MongoDB, then triggers a rebuild of the site to include new mentions.



  • Christopher Biscardi has developed a Webmention plugin available on Github.

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