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Murray Adcock


Pronouns: he/him/his

Front-end/UI engineer working in London.

Chat Nickname: Murray

Elsewhere: Twitter

Hi πŸ‘‹ I'm Murray. I'm new to the IndieWeb community and just getting set up, but have been writing on a personal site since the mid-2000s. I currently live in London, working as a Front-End Engineer. My site is a Jamstack mashup, built with GatsbyJS and hosted on Netlify, whilst using Craft as a headless CMS. That presents some interesting problems to solve 😁


  • Work out a better way of dealing with outgoing webmentions. The plan: an automated system that won't send _everything_ each time I rebuild the site, only new or updated pages.
  • Take ownership of received webmentions, pulling them into the Craft database. Hopefully the first step in creating a more inclusive commenting system.
  • (the longshot) A MicroPub endpoint/plugin for Craft, so that I can begin diversifying how I generate posts, notes, and begin integrating other services.

Now Scratched

  • Setup an h-card on my site βœ…
  • Add microformat markup to my pages βœ…
  • Rework current categorisation system βœ…
  • Add search functionality to website βœ…
  • Get inbound webmentions working βœ…
  • Use webmentions to power cross-linking of articles and notes βœ…