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import in the context of the indieweb refers to the ability to take an export and add it to your site.


If your site can already create posts using Micropub, then a similar code path can be used to import a backup of a site that was exported as an h-feed. The same code that knows how to internally store posts created by Micropub could be used to interpret and store each entry in an h-feed.

re-sending webmentions for imported posts

When would you want to (re)send webmentions for imported posts?

  • if the URL scheme changed from your old site to your new site (e.g. you moved from flat URLs like /one /two to wordpress with URLs like /2017/01/post-one /2017/02/post-two)
  • if you are importing from a different domain to a new domain
  • if something about the posts themselves changed because of the import, such as new author name or photo

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