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Python is a programming language and web server runtime environment used for many IndieWeb projects.

IndieWeb Examples

Examples of indieweb community members who are using Python on their personal sites (alphabetical order):


Bear's uses Kaku, a Python based static site generator, to run his personal site bearlog and uses the following Python projects:

Beto Dealmeida

Beto uses Nefelibata, a Python based static generator to run his weblog Tao &c.


fluffy uses Publ, a Python based web publishing system, to run

Jen Montes

Jen Montes uses PISS to run her personal site,, with help from the following Python projects:

  • Eve
  • ... Probably others. Too soon to tell!

Kartik Prabhu

Kartik Prabhu's personal site Parallel Transport runs on Bundle and uses the following Python IndieWeb projects:

  • ronkyuu
  • mf2py
  • mf2util

Kyle Mahan

Kyle Mahan uses Red Wind (written in Python) to run his personal site with the following Python projects:

David Reeve

David Reeve's site Lancey Space uses Red Wind with the following Python projects:


Generally useful libraries being developed by IndieWeb participants in Python.

Third-party Libraries

Non-IndieWeb-specific libraries that may still be of interest.

  • Requests: By far the best way to interact with any HTML endpoint.
  • BeautifulSoup: sits of top of other HTML parsing libraries (lxml or html5lib) and provides a nice interface for wading through HTML, even horribly broken HTML.
  • Bleach: sanitizer and autolinker. Useful for removing dangerous code from e.g., for displaying remote content. Excludes almost everything by default.


IndieWeb projects built with Python:


Python does not have PHP's ubiquity, and finding hosting can be a little bit more of a challenge. See web_hosting for more details.

  • Google AppEngine (webapp, Django)
  • Webfaction
  • Heroku (Flask, Django)
  • VPS running a WSGI server like uWSGI or gunicorn.

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