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Firefox is a free, open source web browser made by Mozilla.

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Main article: Firefox Hello

Firefox Hello was a WebRTC based feature for doing browser to browser calls, audio, video or both, which you can setup with a hyperlink as part of an indieweb communication/contact page. It was removed in version 49.


Main article: Firefox Share

Firefox introduced a "Share" toolbar button in Firefox 23 to share the current page to a share provider of the user’s choice, including any Known site (on or your own server). It was removed in version 57.

Firefox OS

Main article: Firefox OS

Firefox OS is an open source mobile operating system developed by Mozilla, based on Linux and the Gecko web rendering engine.


Main article: Persona

Persona was a single-sign-on (SSO) protocol, open source project, and fallback server developed by Mozilla.

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  • to use a custom root certificate authority: at the bottom of about:preferences#privacy is the Certificates section and there’s a button to view certs. Then under Authorities import, and the key for me was to click the options button, which then shows the format type. That allowed me to choose certificate files, which then allows the file browser to recognize the iwc root cert file
  • To file a bug, go to and click the New Bug link/button