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The Firefox Activations directory is a site maintained by Mozilla to showcase integrations with the Firefox Social API. Integrated platforms allow the user to share and bookmark any page on the web, using their browser's Firefox Share feature.

IndieWeb integrations


Known has submitted both its service and its self-hosted platform for inclusion on the site.

Multi-domain shim

The directory is designed to assume that any platform will exist on a single domain. This precludes the indieweb use case where everyone owns their own domain.

To circumvent this, Known created a shim on

  • The directory points to the single endpoint, hosted at
  • The user enables this page
  • The user then is prompted to enter their domain at, or to create a new site
  • verifies that the domain is a Known site using Known's API
  • A cookie is set at that forwards to the Known site's share page (which is also used by its bookmarklet)

Submitting to the directory

The directory is open source and hosted on GitHub. The actual contents are stored in JSON. A pull request for a new service includes some JSON changes, as well as icons for the service and optionally an example screenshot.

Acceptance is not automatic, so it is wise to talk to the maintainers first.


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