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A bookmarklet is a web browser bookmark that runs javascript commands on the current page; indieweb bookmarklets are often useful for responding to the current page.

Indieweb-related bookmarklets

Instagram photo bookmarklet

Bookmarklets for WordPress

See WordPress Bookmarklets for Desktop

"Bookmarklets" on Android

Not technically a bookmarklet, the application Bookmarklet Free allows to integrate self-hosted publishing flows (e.g. a bookmarking tool or the like) into the default "Share" menu on Android; see Easy IndieWeb interactions on Android

It is also possible to set up a share target for Progressive Web Apps, enabling to "install" a personalised share target on Android (via

Indieweb Examples

Colin Morris uses a bookmarklet to find and reply to h-entry elements on the current page.

javascript:if (document.querySelector('.h-entry')) {"" + encodeURI(window.location.href));} else {child = document.createElement('p'); = "width:100%;text-align:center;position:absolute;z-index:4;top:0;color:red;background:white;font-size:xx-large";child.innerText = 'Nope';document.body.appendChild(child);}

MicroPub Clients

The Quill micropub client offers bookmarklets for bookmarking and favoriting as buttons within the footer of the app.

The Known CMS also offers a bookmarklet from within the "Tools and Apps" section of the settings page. It states: "The Known bookmarklet is the best way to save links, reply to posts, and share articles. Just drag the bookmarklet button below into your browser's Bookmark Bar."

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