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Username: capjamesg

James Gallagher


Pronouns: He/him/his

Writer and programmer

Chat Nickname: capjamesg

Elsewhere: GitHub


About Me

By day, I am the Technical Content Manager at Career Karma. In my spare time, I like to read about sustainability and the internet. I've been fascinated by owning my own data for a while. I set up in 2019 as my internet home. Initially, I hosted on other platforms; WordPress and later Squarespace. I am now hosting my own static website using Jekyll.

I came across the IndieWeb in late 2019 and have just came back to explore the topic. I'm especially interested in taking more control over my data and seeing how I can syndicate data I create across different platforms.


  • Figure out how to effectively share my coffee data on my site
  • Show archives from my exercise data
  • Check out other IndieWeb sites for inspiration
  • Change domains to (to get away from a Google TLD)
  • Deploy sourcehut mirror script to a server


Here is a timeline of how my personal websites have evolved:

  • Early 2019: Set up a personal website using, a static website generator.
  • Early 2019: Created a WordPress site so that I could start hosting blog posts.
  • Mid 2019: Moved to Squarespace because I saw an aesthetically pleasing template that looked apt for my portfolio.
  • Early 2020: Decided that I needed to take control of my data. I created a site using React.js and Next.js to build my expertise using these technologies.
  • Mid 2020: Realized my site was over-engineered. I rebuilt my personal website using Jekyll.
  • Mid 2020: Still working on my personal website.