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The Social Web Incubator Community Group (AKA SWICG, Social Web Community Group, or Social CG) is a W3C Community Group established during the Social Web Working Group for broader community participation, and to maintain some of the specifications from the Social Web WG.

How to

How to join

The Social Web Incubator Community Group, like all W3C community groups, is open to both W3C Member organization participation, and individuals.

How to participate

  • Help in issue triages for the ActivityPub spec (led by Evan in the group)
  • Help advance the creation of an ActivityPub test suite
  • Raise topics for discussion on Webmention and other W3C Recommendations published by the former Social Web Working Group.
  • ...


SWICG holds monthly discussions (potentially moving to bi-weekly meetings) and occasionally meetings on specific subjects. The Social CG uses the #social channel on the W3C IRC network ( for chat communcation:

As of November 2022, W3C opened up a mailing list for the SWICG, called public-swicg, with archives:

You can join the CG (and thus get added to the mailing list), here:

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