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Cali is an IRC bot created by capjamesg that lets community members archive the Etherpad from an event page to the IndieWeb wiki.

Cali appears as cali-iwc in the chat.


  • !archive <event-url>: Archives the Etherpad linked on an IndieWeb events page. The archive is saved to the IndieWeb wiki. The archive will be given a slug using the date from the event page and the event page slug.
  • !archive <event-url> <slug>: Archives an Etherpad linked on an IndieWeb events page. The slug for the new wiki page will be equal to the <slug> value. The <slug> should be in the form events/slug-name.
  • !archive help: Displays a help message on how to use Cali.


Add your ideas on how to improve or extend Cali below:

  • gRegor Morrill: If the slug parameter is provided and has a leading forward-slash, trim that before creating the page. Ran into this minor edge case [1].
  • Tantek ร‡elik: get the slug from an Etherpad link
  • ...

Open Source

The source code for Cali is available on GitHub:

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